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Finish what you started

Discover how to have the time, confidence, accountability, and focus you need to complete what you start

I'm here to help you ...

finish your work • stay focused •  be accountable • find direction • improve confidence •   

remain sane •  stay healthy,

through all of life's struggles.

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Does completing

amazing projects feel overwhelming?

  • Discover how to let go of feeling overwhelmed with everything you have to do

  • Learn how to stop procrastinating projects you know need to get done

  • Find out how to deal with distractions

  • Let me show you how to jumpstart stalled projects and figure out what to do next

  • Explore ways to gain a sense of accountability and structure

Find Out More

"You’ll be in good hands. Rachel is direct, but has a kind heart and casts zero judgments. She simply wants to see you succeed. You will feel good about yourself and the work you do after just one session with her. It is pretty remarkable, honestly." 

– Laura G



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Personal Services


Get unstuck and start moving to done!  Find out about my life-changing Breakthrough Sessions and daily accountability coaching services.

Up & Dressed

Getting up and dressed is the most important part to staying focused when working from home.  Get the support you need with my Up & Dressed accountability group.

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"First, You Sit"

My book, "First, You Sit", uses quick and simple journaling techniques to guide you to take daily action on your writing.

Accountability Chat

Join my free chat service to keep your task on track.

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Get my best advice and tips for living a more productive and satisfying life.


Blessing, grace, hope, humanity, and humor in the midst of crisis.

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