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Hi, I'm Rachel!

The process I want to share with you is simple. It’s a way of doing that is almost the opposite of effort and yet my clients finish important projects. You will too.​

My clients have finished books, dissertations and articles. They have gained tenure and gently gone through a variety of life transitions. With right action, you never feel like you’re pushing a bolder up hill.​

I am daring you to put a new face on productivity. A peaceful one. It’s so powerful to experience the feeling of peace-filled success I want everyone to know about it.


Helen Keller once said,

“The struggle of life is one of our greatest blessings.”

And while you probably can’t see it from your current vantage point, the struggle you’re facing right now is a remarkable blessing. Fortunately, unwrapping this gift is relatively straightforward. You need to admit that you are facing a challenge, find a safe, qualified, sympathetic person to talk with and ask them for help.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to admit when you’re struggling. I know this from personal experience – it took me many, many years to admit that I had a problem and that I needed outside help to become healthy and productive. It’s even more frustrating because you know that you’re no dummy. You know what you need to do, but for reasons you can’t understand, you’re not taking the actions you need to take to create the success that you want to have.

It seems crazy. If you stay on the trajectory you’re on right now, the grant, the article, or the book will not get written. You’ll have spent heaps of money to complete an advanced degree only to risk wasting everything because of an unfinished dissertation. It’s too awful to think about. Being on a tenure-track is so overwhelming that you don’t know where to turn next, so you get no sleep and nothing of importance done. Instead, you become addicted to Candy Crush and triple shots of cappuccinos.

I understand your pain. After all, while I’m writing “you”, I could just as easily have written “I.” I’ve been in that unhappy place where procrastination and perfectionism make me miserable. For me, it was an eating disorder and addictive behavior that became a vicious cycle. I’d wake up in the morning and make promises to myself that I’d break before noon. Even if I had a good day, it still wasn’t good enough. One day meant nothing.

I’m doing the work that I do today because I don’t want you to suffer for as long or as badly as I did before I asked for help. My whole life was at a tipping point.

You can stop the crazy today. Today! You can go to sleep tonight feeling better about yourself and your work. You can take immediate, meaningful action on your project. You can stop the painful cycling of procrastination or perfectionism.

My expertise focuses on ending procrastination and perfectionism to help people to achieve their goals.

Did you know that procrastination and perfectionism are most common among intelligent and innovative people? It’s no wonder that I tend to attract academics, authors, and independent professionals.

So if you do things like diving head first down the research rabbit hole, repeatedly editing your work, scrubbing the kitchen floor (with a toothbrush) or extinguishing “important” fires in your department instead of working, I have your number.

And if you ever wonder “what’s wrong with me?”, I have good news. There’s nothing wrong with you. I repeat: There’s nothing wrong with you.

Most people try to motivate themselves using methods that don’t work. The ProNagger method is different because it’s not focused on “more, faster, better” but focuses instead on meaningful success – with a good night’s sleep!

So, whether you need to finish (or start) your book, launch your product or complete your article or dissertation, I can help you to create the kind of respect, satisfaction and rewarding success that you know is possible.

Do you need training and coaching to become consistently productive, to get more results and to forever move the trajectory of your life in the right direction? If so, now is the time to make it happen.

Yeah. Now. You do want off the procrastination guinea pig wheel, right? Great. Book your Breakthrough session with me right now.

Everyone who works with me has this first intake session before going forward. You’ll get a lot from the session and by the end, we’ll both know if you’ll benefit from us working together. In some cases, this single session is all you’ll need to get on your way.

I very purposefully don’t explain what goes on in this first session. I don’t ask you to leap without a net, though. If you find no value in the session, I’ll refund your investment in full. So while it’s a little scary to jump into the unknown, it’s financially safe.

Only one question remains.

Are you in?

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