First, we have a Breakthrough Session

It’s awful when you can’t make yourself do what you know needs to get done. It can feel really crummy. You don’t even know WHY you can’t seem to make yourself work. Don’t feel crummy. It’s not your fault, you procrastinate because there’s some sort of uncertainty. I can help you easily, painlessly and quickly get clear and get to work.

You’ve never done anything quite like a Breakthrough Nag Session. Many times, it only takes one session to get you unstuck and moving to done.

I will admit, when you choose to do a session with me you’re taking a bit of a leap. I give you very little information before you sign-up. This is on purpose. There is a method to the madness. A method many clients have say has been a game changer for them! If you’re frustrated and stuck, in one hour or less you will be unstuck and working.

After your Breakthrough Session you can sign up for daily accountability coaching or additional one-on-one coaching.   See additional coaching services below.

A Breakthrough Session is $197 for a one hour session.

If for some reason you don’t like the results from your session, you get your money back. All of it. No questions asked!

Additional Coaching Services

Additional Services

Premium Check In
$697 per month

Could you use help each day getting ready to tackle your procrastination? Try Premium Check-In.

Receive a quick (about 5 minute) call from your Nag each morning (M-F).  you will review your previous day and plot out the coming day by identifying any trouble spots and discussing how to negotiate them. 

There will also be a single daily text exchange to get you through your most difficult spot of the day.