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Let's get you Up & Dressed

Structure is key to successfully working from home. Getting up and dressed is the best way to keep structure in you life.

Getting up and dressed for your workday matters. It’s not only important for your career, it is important for your mental health. You need to be up and dressed. You need to be “seen” by “co-workers.”


Up & Dressed is accountability meets the water cooler!


How it works...

You get up and dressed, snap a selfie, and post it on our private Up & Dressed Facebook page on that date's thread.

Before you go, you say good morning to a couple co-workers (strangers who will become familiar over time) and complement someone on how good she looks in red! 

You click off of Facebook and text your Nag by the time you committed to be up and dressed.  If you don’t text at your designated time, it won’t be long before you Nag texts-in on you to get you up and dressed!

Up & Dressed is $27 per week.

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